• Knowledge

    Learn more about our core technologies, DSP, and network connectivity solutions and how to apply them in your projects.

  • Design

    Uncover the ins and outs of all Powersoft products and how to maximize their implementation.

  • Control

    Harness the full potential of our DSP by learning to control and monitor your systems through our software and apps.


System Design

The easiest, fastest, most intuitive software interface for remotely controlled loudspeaker management


  • Do Powersoft courses issue certifications for online courses?

    Yes, at the end of each course, once you have passed all the tests, you will receive your certificate.

  • Is it possible to take the course from a tablet or smartphone?

    Yes, you can take the course from any device, just log in via a web browser.

  • If I have a doubt about how to use ArmoníaPlus, which email should I write to?

    Please send your questions to support.audio@powersoft.com, where the Support Team is ready to answer your questions.